Handmade Reusable Colorful Non toxic Beeswax Food Wraps

At LRH we hand select cut and wax colorful upcycled beeswax wraps. Beeswax Wraps are a reusable non toxic alternative to single use plastics . Our wraps are counter top refrigerator freezer lunchbox cooler camper and EARTH friendly. Bee the change .

Bread Wraps

Our 21x17 inch Bread Wraps are a Bread Lovers dream . A... 

  • Variety Pack

    At Little Red Hen we hand select, cut and wax upcycled fabric to make our beeswax food covers.A reusable antibacterial sustainable alternative to single use plastics .

    The Variety Pack contains one small (8x8) perfect for that avocado one medium ( 10x10) cover that cheese and one large (11x11) great sandwich wrap. Our fabrics are upcycled our patterns change on a weekly basis . Pick a style that matches your vibe feel free to message us with color preferences or point out fabrics you particularly like and we will make you up the perfect set . We’ve got you covered🐝

    Variety Pack 
  • Family Pack

    The family pack has a little more of everything two small (8/8) one medium (10/10) one large (11/11) and an extra large casserole cover (12/17) the casserole cover is great for parties a couple of slices of pizza or covering large salad bowls this versatile wrap is LR Hens personal favourite. At LRH our Fabrics rotate weekly please feel free to add a message about your style preferences and we will bundle you up the perfect pack .

    Family Pack 
  • Kitchen Starter Pack

    At LRH we always ask our new customers what they currently use disposable covers for they often give the reply “ oh to cover bowls with missing lids and cheeses “ . This pack contains two small wraps ( 8/8) and one medium wrap(10/0) it’s a perfect starter pack .

    Kitchen Starter Pack